Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a DIY tutorial on how to make your own Butterfly Silhouette Art! I saw this picture online of some butterfly wall art that someone had made and I absolutely fell in love! It is so beautiful, feminine, and in touch with nature I thought it would be perfect as a background for my videos.

And, of course, I wanted to share with all of you how I made it!

To get started, you will need:

  • Black cardstock paper (or really any colour you like! I bought mine from Michaels)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Printed Butterfly Silhouettes of different sizes (for tracing) – I used these three: Butterfly One, Two & Three printed in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large), but a quick Google Search for “Butterfly Silhouette” will give you hundreds of options!
  • A backdrop. This will depend on what size you want your art to be! I would recommend something more sturdy, like canvas or foam board. Since I was making a large background for filming, I chose to use the Elmer’s Tri-Fold Corrugated Display Board in White
What you need

My supplies – What you need to make this project!

Once you have gathered all your supplies, it is time to make some butterflies! The number of butterflies you will need depends on a) the size of the art you are creating and b) the shape that your butterflies will be “flying” in.  For my background, I wanted it to look like someone had opened up a bag of butterflies and they were slowly flying up, out and away! So, I knew that there needed to be more butterflies placed closely together towards the bottom of the piece and they would slowly begin to spread them out as I moved higher on the board. This meant I needed lots of butterflies!

Step 1: Trace!


Step 1: Trace Your Butterflies!

The first step is to trace your butterflies onto the card stock paper with a pencil. To avoid waste, use a combination of different sizes and types of butterflies turned in every direction! The goal is to get as many butterflies out of each sheet of paper as possible.

Step One

My Paper Filled with Butterflies! Use different sizes and shapes to avoid wasting any space.

Step 2: Cut!

The second step is to cut out all the butterflies you just traced. This is the hardest part of the project – I had to keep taking breaks to give my hand a rest from the scissors! Don’t worry too much about making all the lines perfect, especially on some of the smaller butterflies. A little imperfections will make your butterflies look real and give your art some character.


Step 2: Use scissors to cut out all the butterflies!

Step 3: Arrange!

Next you want to arrange the butterflies that you have just cut out on your board. This is when you can play with the spacing, the different angles, and determine if you need to cut out additional butterflies. In total, I ended up needing almost 100 butterflies- way more than I had initially expected! So, you may be moving between Step 2 and Step 3 until you finalize your perfect shape and design.


My first attempt at arranging my butterflies. You may need to go back and cut more once you begin to lay them out on your canvas.

Step 4: Glue!

Once you are finished cutting and have arranged the butterflies to your liking, it is time to glue them down! To get a more life-like, 3D effect, the wings of each butterfly need to be sticking up as if they are mid-flight or landing on your board. In order to achieve this look, I placed my finger down the centre of each butterfly to slightly curve the wings. This action should create very gentle crease lines in the paper on either side of your finger. Try not to push too hard or actually “fold” the paper as this will create harsh lines and look too unnatural.


I used my finger to curve the wings of the butterfly before gluing them down.

Using a hot glue gun, place a line of glue down the centre of the butterfly between the two creases made when curving the wings around your finger.  The glue should be on the opposite site of where you placed your finger (facing away from the wings).  A tip if you are a little messy like me: if there are pencil marks on your paper from when you traced each butterfly, make sure to put the glue on the marked side of the paper. This will make sure the marks are not visible in your art piece!


Step 4: Put a line of hot glue down the centre of each butterfly.

Now, attach the butterfly to your board or canvas by gently pressing down on the glue. I used my finger to push down the centre of each butterfly to avoid pressing it too flat and to help keep the wings in a more upright position.  Repeat until all the butterflies are securely attached to your board!

Pressing down

Use your finger to press down the centre of each butterfly to glue them into place.


Step 5: Admire!

That is it! You are done. 🙂

Here is a sneak peek of what my finished product looks like:

butterfly art

Step 6: Admire the Finished Product!

I absolutely love the way that it turned out! I definitely could see this as decoration in a child’s bedroom – especially a little girl who loves fairytales or the outdoors.

I am still considering adding in some twinkling lights or glitter to give it a bit of an extra pop! Let me know what you think and, as always, make sure to send me pictures if you decide to make your own DIY Butterfly Silhouette Art yourself!

Keep an eye out for this new background in future videos!

Thank you so much and I really hope you enjoyed this super easy, very inexpensive DIY art project tutorial.

See you next Wednesday!

-Courtney xoxo

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