You guessed it, here is part 2 of my summer natural makeup review. In this episode, I test out the Mesmerize Eyeliner that I actually got in one of my Saffron Rouge boxes and am surprised at how roughly it applies; I give the Hedonist #52 Mineral Bronzer a big thumbs down; and the  Zinnia Shimmer Blush turns out to be one of my favs. Check out the rest of the video to find out why and see what other all natural products passed the test!

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Products Featured in this Video:

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Vapour Organic Beauty — Mesmerize Eyeliner

Alima Pure Zinnia Shimmer Blush

W3LL People — Hedonist #52 Mineral Bronzer

Suki Correct Coverage Concealer

Lily Lolo Scandalips Lip Gloss

W3LL People Nudist 7 Colorbalm

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