Hello everyone!

Now that the weather is warm, Keith and I love to go for long walks along the Wellington/Somerset/Richmond area in Westboro. There are so many different restaurants, pubs and bars, shops and little artisan boutiques – plenty of things to look at! On our most recent outing, I decided to take a peek into a store that we had never been in before called Dream Weaver. Much to my surprise, I discovered an abundance of natural and organic skincare products – including some brands that I have never seen sold in Ottawa!

To top it off, they had a huge area filled with products that were on sale for a 50% discount! Needless to say, I stocked up and purchased a number of items from brands I have never tried and products that I want to test out.

So, today’s post is a haul of all the different items that I bought!



Original Price $14, On Sale $7!

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Citronella Lotion

My goal this summer is to try a bunch of different warm weather related products – that means Bug Sprays and Sunscreen lotions! The sale section had a bunch of natural bug repellents from different brands so I stocked up! I am going camping this weekend and am going to be testing all of them, so I will let you know in a future post which ones work.

The first one I bought is a Citronella Lotion by the Rocky  Mountain Soap Company – a brand I have never tried before. The ingredients of this product are awesome (DEET-free), its made in Canada and cruelty-free! It smells exactly like a citronella candle and I am excited for trying a lotion bug repellent since the application can be more targeted to those areas that need  it.

I tried to find more information about it online but it looks like the company is no longer selling this product – which is why it may have been in the sale section! Now they are selling an Herbal Spray that uses catnip as the main repellent. Either way – I am looking forward to trying out products from this company!


bug spray

Original Price $10, On Sale $5!

Purple Urchin – “Don’t Bug Me” Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Purple Urchin is a local brand that is made right here in Ottawa, which I absolutely love! Sadly, this is the first time I am actually trying one of their products and needless to say I am super psyched! I love to support local companies.

This bug spray uses catnip and witch hazel as the main deterrents, and the rest of the ingredients also get the big thumbs up from me!  I have already been using it during my outdoor OSSC Body Bootcamp workout sessions every Monday night. So far – I think it works pretty well! The bugs are crazy in the field we use and I am sweating buckets – not the ideal conditions for testing. It hasn’t been able to get rid of the bugs completely, but it definitely helps. Not as good as the usual chemical ones, but hopefully that is just because of how sweaty I am…. and in a normal setting it will perform even better! 🙂


Georgina Naturals – “Bah, Hum Bug!” All Natural Bug Balm

bah hum bug

Original Price $12, On Sale $6!

I had never heard of the Georgina Naturals brand before and I was so happy to learn that this is another local Canadian brand made in Perth, Ontario!  This store was just oozing with amazing “Made In Canada” goodies! 🙂

This All Natural Bug Balm has the texture of a lip balm or hand salve – very silky smooth! Like the Citronella Lotion, I like the fact that you have a bit more control over the application of the product.

Once again, this product has great ingredients and uses a combination of Citronella, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Lemongrass scents as the bug deterrent.  I actually think that this one smells the best out of all three of the bug products that I got in this haul! It kind of smells like an actual beauty product that I would use on a regular basis…. is that weird? Does that mean that something is wrong with my sense of smell? Hehe…. Let’s hope not!


Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Breakout Buster

breakout buster

Original Price $10, On Sale $5!

If you have been watching my videos for a while now, you know that I am still plagued by acne and the occasional break-out.  To help me out when I need it, I think to keep some spot acne treatments around the house. Currently, I have been using Burt’s Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment with Willow Bark (which was featured in my Natural Skincare Products Review for Summer 2014) but the bottle is almost empty so I knew I needed to buy a replacement.

This is another product from the Rocky  Mountain Soap Company (yay for new brands!). Similar to the Burt’s Bees treatment, this Breakout Buster stick uses tea tree oil as the main antibacterial ingredient to help fight off those ugly zits! It smells a little strong and the actual stick end is a little big (much bigger than any pimples I ever get!), but I am really hoping it ends up being effective – I need all the help I can get!


Urban Forest Soap – Solid Deodorants


Original Price $8 each, On Sale $4 each!

The good news is that Forest Urban Soaps is yet ANOTHER Canadian company that is made in Rockland, Ontario. The bad news, it looks like they no longer sell any deodorant products – yet another reason that these were probably on sale!

urban forestI switched to using a natural deodorant about 7 months ago, and I have tried some really good and really bad products since
then (if you want to know more – watch my Natural Deodorant Review video). However, I have yet to try a “solid” deodorant in non-stick form like these two! It is more common for natural deodorants to come in different shapes and sizes just because of the ingredients used.  The picture on the left is what it actually looks like inside the tin jar. You can see in the middle, there is a little carved flower shape which I think is such a cute touch! My only worry is that it is very solid – hopefully it softens up when you apply it because right now it feels very rough, which may not be too good for my sensitive underarms.

Since they were so incredibly cheap, I decided to try both of the scents available in the store’s sale section: Tea Tree Lemon & Cypress and Lavender.  I definitely prefer the more floral lavender scent – the Tea Tree Lemon & Cypress reminds me a bit of the bug sprays… but I will still try them both and let you know if they work!


Love & Toast – Honey Coconut Perfume

This is the only product I bought that was not on sale, but it was still super reasonably priced at $11 for a 0.33oz/9.76ml bottle of all natural perfume! I was so drawn to the cute and colourful packaging that I had to venture outside of the sale section to take a gander.

Sweet Honey

Original Price $11

Once again, this is a brand new to me called Love & Toast (such a cute name right???). After I opened the cap and took a sniff I immediately fell in love! This smells so good and is exactly my type of scent – sweet and beachy! The bottle describes it as  “Sweet Honey Sugared Vanilla Violet Sandalwood”.

Now – natural perfumes are a bit of a tricky bunch in that it is very difficult to be 100% sure of what you are getting since it is VERY likely that “fragrance/parfum” will be on the ingredient list (since that is essentially what they are selling). What I like about this company though is that they are cruelty-free, they use 97% natural ingredients, and their mission statement includes a philosophy that “it is just important to do good as it is to look good”. In addition, they have gotten some REALLY good reviews online (a quick Google search will show you!).  Overall, when picking a natural fragrance it really boils down to the trust you have in the company and so far, I feel pretty good about this brand and their products.




So that is my big haul from Dream Weaver in Ottawa! I am so excited to try all these products and may be dropping by the store again to raid that amazing sale section they have going on… always good to stock up on discounted natural products whenever you can! 😉 Especially when you have a video blog to run and reviews to do.

Have you ever shopped at Dream Weaver or tried any of the products and brands that I bought? Make sure to leave a comment down below and let me know what you thought! Sharing = caring 🙂

That is it for me today! I will see you all next Wednesday. HUGS!

-Courtney  xoxo