Hello my lovelies!

If you saw my recent Natural Skincare Haul from a store called Dream Weaver in Ottawa, you know that I bought some deodorants from Urban Forest Soap – a brand that I have never tried before!  I was really excited to try these products because they are truly local and made in Rockland, Ontario!

So – here is my review of the Urban Forest Soap Solid Deodorants in Lavender and Tea Tree Lemon & Cypress!

Ingredients: Both of the deodorants are made with great ingredients that are natural and non-toxic. They get a thumbs up and definite pass in my books!

What I liked:  These products smell amazing! The tea tree lemon & cypress scent actually reminds me a little of a citronella candle and warm summer nights. The lavender scent is subtle and smells wonderful. It makes me feel very relaxed and calm.

A big positive factor for me is that Urban Forest Soap is a local company that makes its products here in Ontario.  I love to shop local and feel great when I support Canadian brands.

urban forest

A close-up of the deodorant and packaging. It is stamped with a cute little floral/leaf shape!

What I didn’t:  I really did not like the application of this product. You had to hold it under your armpits for “a few seconds” (according to the label) to warm it up. In reality, this often took a few minutes and it still never really “softened”; it felt rough and pulled against my skin. Additionally, it was messy! It got all over your hands during the application. Definitely not a travel friendly or “quick morning” product!

Overall Review: Unfortunately, I will not be  repurchasing this product. Just like a lot of other natural deodorants I have tried, this one did not work the way I wanted it to. I felt myself sweating throughout the day and often had to reapply in the afternoon to avoid being too damp and smelly! For now, I will be sticking with my tried and true Earth to Body Anti-Odour Bar !

However, I am definitely still going to try more products from this brand! The quality of ingredients and amazing scents lead me to believe that there is likely something else that I will like from Urban Forest Soap .

Have you ever tried this product or items from this brand? If so, let me know! I would love to hear what you think.

See you next week!