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Today I wanted to review two natural concealers that I have been testing out lately: the Pure Care Cover Stick by Dr. Hauschka in shade 02 and Boho Cosmetic’s Concealer in Shade 01 – Diaphanous Beige. Having a really solid concealer is crucial to my make-up routine – especially since I still have acne and occasional blemishes that I want to cover-up. For both of these brands, this was my first time trying make-up products from their lines.

Pure Care Cover Stick by Dr. Hauschka


I found this product at Winners for $12.99 (original price – $24.00), so it was a great buy! It claims to have the added benefit of reducing the appearance of blemishes, irregularities, and imperfections.

Ingredients: The majority of the ingredients in this concealer are different types of natural, non-toxic oils and beeswax. However, it is hard to tell because the label only lists the scientific names!  There are, however, some ingredients that I wanted to make a special note of:

  • Parfum – The terms “parfum” and “fragrance” are used by companies as a way to keep certain ingredients as a trade secret to avoid competitors copying the recipes for their products. Unfortunately, we can’t tell what ingredients are being hidden under these labels, so we can’t be sure there are any toxins in this product! ūüôĀ To learn more about these terms, check out my articleWhat exactly is a “toxin”? The 3 Main Offenders”.
  • Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, and Citral – These are 4 masking ingredients that are used to create or change the scent of a product. The label does specify that these are made from natural essential oils, but it does mean the product has a stronger smell so if you have a scent sensitivity – beware!

This product gets a thumbs down for its ingredients¬†because of the “parfum” listed. I believe in transparency and think that companies should fully disclose whatever is inside their products.

What I liked: This product was easy to apply, blended well, and gave very good, build-able coverage. It easily hid all my blemishes and red spots and lasted throughout the day. Since I was able to get it on sale for $12.99, it was also a great price point.

What I didn’t: The product’s packaging was similar to a lipstick or lip balm – you turned a dial on the bottom to reveal more of the product at the top. After making the last turn, there was still a lot of the product left inside the tube. ¬†Since I try to avoid unnecessary waste, I used a small plastic scoop to get the remaining product out and continued to have enough concealer to use for nearly 3 weeks. I would hate to think of how many people, however, simply threw out the product after being unable to turn the dial any further!

Overall Review: As I already mentioned, the product did have a slightly stronger smell than I am used to for a makeup product. The scent was a mixture of organic herbs and tea tree oil Рsimilar to some of the acne treatment products I have used in the past. It definitely took a couple of applications to get used to!

Even though it smelt like some of my acne treatments, I didn’t find it made a big difference in reducing the appearance of my blemishes. It didn’t make them worse, but it definitely did not make them better.

While it was a great buy on sale, I don’t think that I would ever pay full price for this product because of the ingredients. ¬†With an original price of $24 , I would consider the Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick a “high-end” makeup product. ¬†For a little bit more ($29) the¬†Suki Correct Coverage Concealer that I reviewed in my Summer 2014 Makeup Review – Part 2¬†¬†has great ingredients and excellent coverage! I would rather spend the $5 more to get a similar high-end concealer with a fully transparent ingredient list.


Boho Cosmetics Concealer 

P1010476This product sells for $18.99 at the Herb and Spice Wellness Shop on Bank Street in Ottawa.  It is a French company that specialises in natural, organic, eco-friendly makeup products! I was really excited to finally try something from this brand.

Ingredients: This product is similarly made from natural, non-toxic oils and beeswax. There are only two ingredients I am not a fan of: Limonene and Linalool (again). Especially since the ingredient list does not specify that these masking ingredients are made from essential oils! I prefer to avoid masking scents, so this product gets a thumb down from me for its ingredients. 

What I liked: I love the packaging of this product! The exterior is paper based, which is a nice eco-friendly alternative to the usual plastic case. 

What I didn’t:¬†Unfortunately, the list of what¬†I didn’t like about this product is much longer than things I did! The smell was one of the first things I noticed – it was awful. It has a very waxy odour that I often associate with makeup products that have gone bad or expired. ¬†As you can see in the picture, the texture was also incredible soft and melted quite easily. The product often “smushed” as I tried to apply it.¬†

The coverage was very light and was not at all build-able. Often, if I was able to fully cover up a blemish the product would move when I applied my setting powder over top and voila – the blemish would suddenly reappear!

Overall Review:¬†I was very disappointed in this product and would definitely not repurchase. It simply did not perform well at all! Definitely one of the worst natural concealers that I have tried to date. ¬†I won’t judge the entire brand by one bad apple, so I will still try more from the Boho Cosmetics line – hopfully they work better than the concealer!

Have you ever tried these concealers or other products from these brands? What is your favourite natural concealer to use? Let me know and¬†leave a comment down below! I would love to hear what you think. ūüôā

See you all next week!

-Courtney xoxo

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