Hello everyone!

If you saw my recent Get Ready With Me – Rosie the Riveter Costume Hair & Makeup video, you might have noticed that I was trying out a new green product for the very first time! This summer, I was so surprised to find a pair of fake eyelashes for sale by an awesome green brand – EcoTools. Not only was I completely unaware that eco-friendly fake eyelashes existed, but I also got them for a great price on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond! According to the EcoTools website, they just announced the launch of their new line of false lashes, with six different types to choose from. Halloween was the perfect time to try these out since I wanted a more dramatic look with my costume. And of course, I wanted to let you all know what I thought! So – here is my full review of the “Wispy & Flared” Naturally Beautiful Lash System by EcoTools.

Ingredients: The main concern when using fake eyelashes is actually what is inside the glue. The lash glue that comes with the EcoTools lashes is hypoallergenic and free from formaldehyde, latex, parabens, and phthalates. Most of the ingredients are non-toxic, but there are two ingredients in the glue that rate a “5” on the Environmental Working Group’s 1-10 toxicity scale: Methylisothiazolinone and Methychloroisothiazolinone. These ingredients are used as preservatives and are also possible irritants or allergens. I was not surprised to see a more irritating ingredient in the glue, since most adhesives (at least in my opinion) are irritating to the skin.  So, this may not be the type of product that you want to use on a daily basis, but it should be fine for the occasional special event! 


I loved the added drama of the EcoTools lashes for my Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume!

What I liked: I was happy to see that the packaging of this product is paper based and made from 80% recycled products. Even though I didn’t end up using it, I also liked that it came with a dual-ended bamboo applicator tool.  The glue did not come in the usual squeeze tube but rather a plastic “brush” applicator tube. This made the whole process a lot less messy and I had a lot more control over how much glue I used and where it went. 

The lashes applied easily – the glue wasn’t overly tacky and the fit was perfect. They lasted the whole day at work and well into the evening. I got quite a few compliments on them, and many people said that they looked incredibly natural – most couldn’t even tell that they were fakes!

What I didn’t: It was my first time wearing fake eyelashes in a while, and I did find that my eyes got increasingly tired throughout the day. From what I remember though, this is pretty much the case with any fake eyelashes! :p  The removal was also a little unpleasant. Since the glue lasted all day, it did sting a little bit when I had to pull the lashes off. It also took a little bit of scrubbing and pulling to get off all of the glue remnants afterward. Again though – this is similar to almost all of the fake lashes I have ever tried. 

Overall ReviewI would definitely use these lashes again for a special event. I thought they looked great and I loved that they were easy to apply and lasted all day. I love that they are green and environmentally friendly, with good ingredients. This means they are a much better choice than the regular eyelashes out there – especially since they perform just as well!

Personally – I couldn’t  ever see myself wearing these on a daily basis, though – a little bit too uncomfortable for me!  

Have you ever tried any of the EcoTools Lash Systems? Do you use another brand of green or natural fake eyelashes? Make sure to leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!

See you next week. 🙂