Hello my lovelies!

I just finished a really great yoga sequence and I am so happy to tell you that Yoga Download is providing the 30 minute class absolutely free me for my readers & viewers!

Yoga Download is an awesome site that allows you to Take Yoga Anywhere with access to 600+ online classes, unlimited streaming and free downloads. There are a wide variety of membership options that start as little as $10 a month or $90 a year, with no minimum obligation and the ability to cancel at anytime.

This sequence is called “Short, Sweet, Strong and Sweaty” and is is an Advanced Beginner level class. It was my first time trying a Yoga Download download class and honestly – I was really pleasantly surprised. Check out my full review down below!

The instructor, Jen Hicks, is very clear with calling out each of the poses and details exactly what the posture requires. This allowed me to keep my eyes closed and off of the computer screen moving through the sequence, which is my favourite way to do yoga, so right off the bat I was  very impressed.  She even corrects a common mistake that I was making in the reverse warrior pose!

The sequence is challenging and introduced me to two new poses: dolphin and horse. It engaged my core and energized all of the major muscle groups. It is definitely a great workout in a small amount of time.

The sequence has the perfect end of a lengthened Savasana pose, with quiet music playing to encourage calming breath and meditation. I have done many yoga classes or videos that do not include this time to reflect and relax, so I was very happy to see this was part of the class!

Overall, a great first impression and I cannot wait to try more Yoga Download classes! Especially with all the travelling I am set to do in the upcoming months (if you don't know what I am talking about, watch my latest Tea Time Vlog to get all the exciting details), these online classes will be a great option for me to practice on the go. They have given me a few more videos to try and provide free to you all, so keep an eye out for future posts on the blog!

Have you tried Yoga Download before? What is your favourite site for online Yoga videos or classes?

See you all next week!

-Courtney xoxo