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I recently finished trying out two natural makeup products and I wanted to share my thoughts with you! One is a concealer and one is a foundation, but I used both to cover-up blemishes and colour imperfections on my skin. This was my first time trying a product from Zuii Organic  – an all-natural makeup company based in Australia. I had actually won a $25 gift card to use on their website in one of their instagram giveaways and was really excited to try out some of their products.

Zuii Organic Liquid Foundation (Rose)  

I ordered two samples of their liquid foundation for $2.00 each. I was pleasantly surprised since the size of the samples were quite generous! Based on the colour swatches on their website, I chose the shades Light Rose and Rose. Light Rose was basically a fully opaque white colour and was WAY too light for my skin tone. It seemed more like a highlighter shade than a foundation! Rose (pictured below) was still a little light for my skin tone, but it was close enough that I could make it work. Keep scrolling to the end of the review to see a picture with a swatch of it on my skin!

I will be totally honestconcealer with you though – I completely forgot that this was a foundation sample until I started writing this review. The sample packaging (brush tube) made me think it was a concealer, so that is how I had been using it throughout my testing.

Ingredients: The ingredients for this foundation are awesome. It is mostly made up of different types of oils and flower extracts, glycerin, aloe vera, and vitamins C & E.

What I liked: The different floral extracts and oils give this foundation a sweet and subtle floral scent, which I really enjoyed. It applied fairly well and had a nice light/medium coverage which lasted throughout the day without any need for touch ups.

What I didn’t: Because I was using it as a concealer, the coverage was too light to completely cover my blemishes and red spots. I had to use it in conjunction with a green concealer to get full coverage.  However, the colour match would have also been way too light for me to use as an all over foundation – it would have washed me out!

Overall Review: I think I would have liked this foundation more if it had been a better shade match with my skin. The colour swatches on their website are hard to read and I would have to order a few more samples to try and find a better match. I doubt I will be repurchasing in the future, though, because it cost me about $25 to ship to Canada – which is not really worth it if I am just trying out a bunch of samples!  In addition, a regular bottle of this foundation costs $44.95 which makes it a very high end product with a price tag higher than I would normally spend. If I could find another store or website that had cheaper shipping for samples, I would probably consider trying it again though.

Dr. Hauschka #02 Concealer (Beige Rose)


This is the second type of concealer I have tried by Dr. Hauschka. You can check out my review of their Pure Care Cover Stick here! The difference between the two is that the Cover Stick has additional ingredients to help heal and prevent blemishes and acne, while this is just a regular concealer.

Ingredients: The biggest concern in this product is that it has “Fragrance/Parfum”  listed on the label. I have found this is a common theme with Dr. Hauschka products – it was also on the label of their Cover Stick .  I think I will be doing an “Is It Toxic?” video for them in the future and will try to contact the company to get more information on what is inside these products.

In addition, the concealer contains 10 masking ingredients but the label does specify that these are from natural essential oils. It does mean, however, that it has a stronger smell and should be avoided by those who are sensitive to scents.

Otherwise, the majority of ingredients get a pass in my book and the concealer is free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs (yay!).

What I liked: The shade was a perfect colour match for me. It blended well and had a medium/full coverage that lasted all day. The formula was soft and felt great on my skin.

What I didn’t: I was shocked at how little product there was in the tube – it  barely lasted a month! With such a high price tag, I definitely expected it to last a lot longer. I also really didn’t like the dispenser: you turned the base of the tube and the product would slowly bubble up through the tip of the wand. It wasn’t useful for application at all and there may still be some product inside that I can’t get out.

Overall Review: Even though I loved how it applied, I would not repurchase this product based on how little you get for the price.  There are other concealers I have used at a much more reasonable price tag that I would choose over this instead!


Have you tried either of these products? What is your favourite natural concealer or foundation?

See you all again soon!

-Courtney xoxo


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