I got nominated to do the #Cheers2Voting Challenge! Find out why J.J. and I are voting in the upcoming Canadian Federal Election on October 19, 2015, and see who we nominate to do the challenge next!

♡For more information on the election & to find out how you can vote – http://www.elections.ca/home.aspx

♡The #Cheers2Voting Challenge on FoFF.ca – http://foff.ca/cheers-2-voting/

♡Who I nominate:
Josée from Vegan Bananas – http://vegan-bananas.blogspot.ca/
Jen from Habitat for Herbivores – https://www.youtube.com/user/jenkayna
Myriam from Beauteoptic – https://beauteoptic.wordpress.com/
Komal from KoMedia – http://komal-minhas.squarespace.com/
Megan MacKay – https://www.youtube.com/user/MeganMacKay

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