Hello everyone! 

Wow – First of all, I cannot believe that it is already December 21st. Four days till Christmas, and that means Jess and I have already been wearing a dress for 18 days in a row for Dressember 2015! It is weird to see that number because it really doesn’t feel like it has been that long.  Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, you can watch our video here ! I am participating in the Dressember Challenge, along with my best friend Jess from Something Green Bridal Boutique in Guelph, Ontario. We are wearing a dress for 31 days in December to help raise awareness and funds for organizations aiming to restore the dignity of all women. 

Here are a few things I learned over the last two weeks: 

1. I own more dresses than I think I do.  Seriously. I have not had nearly as many repeat days as I expected by this point, and most of the time they are due to preference and comfort, not necessity. I haven’t even made it through wearing every dress in my wardrobe yet! I am actually excited for the rest of the month to try to squeeze all of the dresses into 31 days. 🙂 

2. It is a really good thing to be pushed to wear clothing creatively. What do I mean by this? Well, we all have our go-to outfits – the ten or so favourite pieces that we tend to wear over and over again. This challenge has pushed me to abandon my every day looks and think outside the box. It means that I have worn certain dresses in ways that I had never imagined, discovering new outfits that I love (and also flops that I was not so crazy about). I have been “cleaning up” my closet so to speak. I have worn dresses that I had been “ho-hum”-ing about . Ones that have been sitting unworn for a very long time. This has led to the discovery of new faves (see: 2nd dress from the left above! A flower dress that I got as a ModCloth Stylish Surprise this summer – you can watch the unboxing video here!), and also moving some older ones into the donation pile for the next time I hold a clothing swap. It is good habit to get into – shining a new light on the pieces you already have, rather than always buying something new! 

Edit: PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE WHY I AM NOW BOYCOTTING MODCLOTH – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ-w2a7gaRE

3. Wearing a dress in the winter is not my favourite thing. It snowed for the first time in December this week. My legs were not impressed. Tights under dresses has become my new best friend!

4. Wearing dresses creates less laundry. I have somehow stumbled across a more “green” wardrobe adjustment. Dresses mean I am washing less clothes during the week since each dress can be worn multiple times over! 

5. Sometimes the people in your life can surprise you. I am so grateful to everyone that has donated and supported our team to date. Some unexpected friends have stepped forward and provided their support which has been an amazing surprise. So many of the people we have talked to had never heard of Dressember before our efforts and it really shows how easily you can help to spread the word and raise awareness of some very important issues. A small action, like simply wearing a dress, can really get people talking. 

6. We have to keep the conversation going – there is so much work to be done! What this means for our team? We are barely at the halfway mark for our fundraising goal – $1000 by the end of the month! So, we still have to keep working hard to try to raise the remaining funds. Hopefully this is where you can help too! What this means for the Dressember campaign? There is an urgent need to continue to support organizations like the International Justice Mission and A21 who are helping to rescue women around the world who have been forced into sexual slavery. We need to keep pushing to ensure that all women are free and that the people who participate in human trafficking are brought to justice. 


It feels so amazing to be part of this global movement! Please consider joining and supporting our team – you can visit our fundraising page here. It doesn’t matter the size – any donation can make a big difference and change a woman’s life forever! Help us to spread the message of hope and the Dressember campaign. Let’s get people talking! 

Thank you so much for following our #GuelphDoesDressember journey. I will see you in the final post next week! 

Lots of love,