We may not be knee deep in snow but we are up to our ears in the holiday season!

This is the 24th day of Dressember and for myself the 14th day in my #dressemberdress!!

The fundraising has been hard and the holidays have been crazy but as I sit with my family 6 hours North of Toronto I am reminded of everything that I hold most dear. I didn’t know exactly what this post would reveal about the Dressember journey so far and I didn’t want to keep repeating myself (the yearning for pants is quite real) then it came it me; family. This photo was taken last night as the majority of my family; grandparents, aunts, uncles, dogs and toddler in toe…arrived in Sudbury to celebrate the holidays.


At the heart of Dressember is the idea that everyone is free to live. Period. Freedom from persecution, exploitation and for each woman and child to not fear that they may be exploited sexually just because they are female. Wearing a dress has been a small daily reminder of how lucky I have been growing up, although not completely devoid of discrimination because I am a female, it was certainly a better environment than some of the women in the Dressember stories, (Read Clarisa’s story here) And I am so grateful. It is great that this campaign has given me the opportunity to give back and shed light on so many modern day injustices.

Dressember needs to make a difference so that my littlest cousin; Finley-Marie, will never experience any of the horrors of exploitation (sexual or otherwise), any discrimination for being a girl or any number of injustices that thousands of women experience daily. It is exciting that worldwide the Dressember movement has raised over $500,000 but we have a full week left in December and every little bit counts!

If you haven’t yet, please consider donating to our campaign! Whatever you can! We are almost halfway to our goal!!

You can also watch the video we made which explains why Courtney and I decided to participate in Dressember, what it is all about, and where your donations go.

Thank you. Happy and safe holidays to you and yours!


ox Jess Hirst