Hello everyone,

If you watched my recent 2015 Favourites video, you know that I have been hoarding a giant pile of empties since the beginning of this year. I thought it was time to start chipping away at the pile and sharing with you my review of all the different products I have tried! I decided to start with cleansers, body washes, scrubs and other type of bath products.

So, here we go!



Ella’s Botanicals Lavender Bliss Beauty Bar Soap – I loved this soap! The only problem? It went too quickly! The soap is made with 7 different types of oils so it is very moisturizing with a lavender herb scent. This was my first time trying a product from Ella’s Botanicals and I look forward to trying more soon – especially since they are a Canadian made brand!

Lucia No5 Pomegranate & Redcurrant Soap Lucia is my absolute top fragrance company and this soap was no exception! It was smooth, moisturizing, and smelt absolutely incredible. Sweet, with just a slight hint of herbs. I will definitely be buying more Lucia products in the future! 

Little Owl Soap Herb Garden – I was so disappointed by this soap. It smelt amazing and had wonderful ingredients, but it was an exfoliating soap that used apricot meal as a scrubber. I found it painful to use – the little bits of apricot felt like they were scrapping my skin. I definitely would not repurchase!


Body Washes & Scrubs


Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Body Wash I want to love Nature’s Gate products so badly, but I think I need to do an Is It Toxic? video series investigation for this brand. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free which is great, but there are some ingredients that make me a little uneasy. For example, this body wash has “fragrance (Parfum)” on the label (which makes sense because it has quite a strong fruity scent). Before I can give it a fully positive review, I want a bit more information on what they include in those terms. It also has phenoxyethanol which I know some people like to avoid, Polysorbate-20 which has contamination concerns, and also a conditioning agent called Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate and base agent called Sodium Hydroxide which Environment Canada has highlighted as being possible toxins to the environment and human health (respectively). So, I won’t be buying any more Nature’s Gate products until I can find out more! Stay tuned… 

Gourmet Body Treats Cranberry Pomegranate Scrub – I got this in one of the Gourmet Body Treats Beauty Boxes before they were cancelled (You can watch the unboxing here!).  This scrub smelt incredible – like a mixture of spicy cranberries and Christmas. GBT products always have amazing ingredients and this scrub was very gentle, which is what my skin needs. I think it was a limited edition seasonal product, but if they ever decide to do another release I would definitely buy it again!

Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Body Wash – Oh how I wish that we had Trader Joe’s in Canada! I got this as a gift last Christmas, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite pass my ingredients test. It contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Isoceteth-20 which have contamination concerns, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) which has concerns of reproductive toxicity, Methylisothiazolinone which is a skin irritant and neurotoxin, and finally – Fragrance. So unfortunately, as much as I love Trader Joe’s this product gets a thumbs down from me! 


Bath Products


Simple Special Edition Silky Skin Soak – I discovered this brand during my time in Peterborough, Ontario this Fall and I am so happy I came across their store! All their products are made by hand in Peterborough and have amazingly pure ingredients. These sea salts had a wonderful vanilla scent and I cannot wait to try out more Simple products in the future!

Dr. Hauschka Lavender Bath Oil –   This bath oil had a very strong lavender herbal scent, which is probably because it has 6 masking ingredients and fragrance/parfum on the label, which they specify all come from various essential oils. So, while it doesn’t have any toxicity concerns, those who are sensitive to scents may want to stay away! I love the Dr. Hauschka brand, but I much prefer my own DIY bath oils to commercial products like this one!

Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavendar Calming Bath Essence – This milky bath oil also had a very strong lavender scent due to a similar list of 6 masking ingredients and fragrance/parfum on the label, coming from various essential oils. So once again, it may not be the best choice for those who are sensitive to scents. I did prefer this bath essence to the Lavender Bath Oil because it had a wonderful calming effect, but I still prefer my own DIY bath oils!

Facial Cleansers


NBW Rosehip & Green Tea Daily Foaming Cleanser – NBW was kind enough to send me this cleanser after their Yarrow and Rosemary Deep Foaming Cleanser which proved to be a bit too strong for my skin type. The Rosehip and Green Tea was much more gentle and had a light fresh floral and herbal scent. 

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream – I was a little surprised by the appearance of this face wash – it was thick and light brown, with a slightly grainy texture. Oddly though, I liked how it felt on my skin and enjoyed its herbal, floral, almost fruity scent.  Similar to the Dr. Haushchka bath products though, the scent is very strong and comes from 2 masking ingredients and fragrance/parfum (coming from essential oils) which may not be good for those who are sensitive to scents. Even though I really liked this cleanser, it’s Canadian price tag of $31 a bottle might be a little too steep for me! 


Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I will be doing more empties posts, so I will see you again soon!

-Courtney xoxo

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