Are Kiehl’s products green and natural? What sort of ingredients do they use? Watch to find out the answer and find out what I think about this brand as part of my Is It Toxic? Video Series.
MORE INFO: On January 27, 2016, I received a follow-up phone call from Donna Paty who is the Kiehl’s Canada National Education Manager. She confirmed that there are no animal derived ingredients in Kiehl’s products and the Benzoic Acid and Lactic Acid are either synthetic or plant-based. She also clarified that the masking ingredients in the Midnight Recovery Concentrate are from essential oils. Furthermore, she did confirm that while the facial products do not have any added fragrances, the body and men’s products do. These are a mix of artificial (synthetic) ingredients and plant-based.

I was pleased to see that they did follow up with me and I communicated my concerns about the lack of transparency on their website and Kiehl’s use of the term “fragrance/parfum” on the label which hides ingredients from their consumers. I also gave my feedback on how their terminology and catch phrases can be misleading to customers who are trying to make green choices. My overall review and rating of their products remains the same, however, until they make some improvements!

My Blog Post on Frangrance/Parfum & Other Common Toxins 

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